Kaldoa Music 

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We would love to meet you!

We understand what it's like to sign up for something and the importance of that good vibe. After all, it is your money and time you're investing and you want to make sure it's a good fit.  That's why we encourage you to shop around, interview, and make that in-person connection before committing.  We are proud to offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation.  This is a chance to meet us, see the studio, go over expectations, and ask questions. 

Teaching Modifications

Kaldoa Music provides that extra measure of patience and care that teaching special-needs children deserve.  Based on knowledge we've acquired through experience and what has worked for others, our goal is to help them be
 their best -- we believe each child has potential. 

We encourage a child as young as 5 years old to start private lessons on any instrument, although we usually start off with music exploration to get their feet wet and learn about different instruments before settling on a single one.  Adults are welcome to learn an instrument as well! Let's break down the menu so you get a better understanding of the exact packages we offer:

Private Lessons:  Of course, our most popular pick, this is a one-on-one setting.  Lessons are held once per week for 30 minutes each.    $140/month

Buffet:  Not sure which instrument to play? We will rotate the instruments each week for you to get an idea for the first month. This is ideal for the younger students.   $130/month

Group Lessons: Same instrument, max 3 students.  Lessons 30 minutes once per week.  Based on students' availability and discretion of the instructor.   $110/month per student

Special Needs:  30 minute lesson for those with special needs such as Autism, ADD, speech delays, etc.  Alternative approach to learning music.   $180-$240/month

Skype: 30 minute lesson once per week, or as agreed upon.  Ideal for those that are not local and only offered on guitar.    $160/month