Kaldoa Music 

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Kenny and Lisa

  • Kenny has been teaching music for over 25 years and has played since the early age of 3.  To say he enjoys music is an understatement - we are pretty confident that using phone books and silverware to mimic a drum set at 4 years old means it is pretty much in his blood!  He teaches drums, bass, and guitar including those with special-needs.

His gift is reaching goals with his clients that they never thought were possible.  He definitely wants you to succeed and challenges you to do your homework outside of class, where it ultimately counts.

  • Lisa has been a piano and special-needs instructor for over 13 years, having taken piano lessons for around 5 years herself.  With a desire to learn all about the individual and what works for them, she equips clients with tools that are fun and engaging to get the job done.  A background in Child Development enables her to "see the big picture" and she continues learning regularly.