About Us

How We Got Started

What does Kaldoa stand for?

Kaldoa is made up of the first letter of our 6-member family's first names - a committed family business!

Kenny has been teaching music for over 25 years and started creating his own drums out of household items at the early age of 3. To say he enjoys music is an understatement - we are pretty confident that using phone books and silverware to mimic a drum set means it is in his blood! He teaches drums, bass, and guitar.

Andrew was born just after the studio was constructed! He has seen a lot of our students over the years and enjoys playing the drums and guitar. He also is creative and makes beats for fun.

Lisa has been a piano teacher to the young and old for around 20 years. With a desire to learn all about the individual and what works for them, she equips students with tools that are fun and engaging to get the job done. An emphasis on child development enables her to "see the big picture" and she continues learning regularly.

Dustin is our oldest son and soon-to-be-married this year to his lovely fiance, Shyan!  Dustin is self-taught on drums, guitar, and cello.  

Olivia is the only "princess" in the family, with 3 brothers!  She has a beautiful singing voice and loves listening to music.  She also has amazing handwriting and writes your name on our studio calendar.

Alex is the youngest and is very helpful at helping maintain the studio and all the moving parts.